Hello! My name’s Cody.

I’m a Front-end designer. I believe in making your own tools, keeping detailed processes, and the power of a growth mindset. Every conversation is an education.

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Latest projects

Handmade Website by Cody Hopper︎

This website, coded by hand and hosted on GitHub, is a record of my current web design skills and experiments, such as 3D transformations, parallax scrolling, light & dark mode switches, UX/UI experiments, CSS animation and Javascript plugins.


As I experimented with type design drawn from objects, environments and natural phenomena, I also created a comprehensive brand identity for a type foundry to host and support them.


After visiting a local coffee farm in Boquete, Panama, I built this mobile app and identity to demystify the coffee production process and reveal the real human cost found in the industry.

This is Your Computer Talking︎

I created a web-based tutorial for VoiceOver that shows the difficulties that non-sighted users face when using the web and teaches designers how to craft accessible digital experiences.

Cristo Rey

I led a small team to refresh the branding identity of a college preparatory school for the economically disadvantaged.

Tamper Publishing

I started Tamper, an independent publishing identity, to support and inform the nonviolent, activist community. Tamper Publishing has been represented at two publishing fairs, and is still in circulation today. 


Recent articles

Feeling the Web

Accessibility, UX/UI, Tactile Design   |   2019

Expand the Reservoir

Mindfulness, Creativity, Creative Process   |   2019

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