Hello! My name’s Cody Hopper.

Front-end designer and developer at Oldspeake.io.
Working on information architecture, user experiences, and accessibility across industries.

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Latest Projects

Be Highly Evolved︎

Massive electric vehicle awareness website with a custom animation library and educational microsite.

Jobvite Job Grader︎

An AI-powered job description grader that helps recruiters overcome inherent biases and hire better.


A pharmaceutical intermediary working to protect the health of your workers while navigating healthcare providers.


Co-piloted a total rebrand of a newly emerging Tranportation & Logistics software juggernaut announcing a patent and varied product offerings.


A comprehensive brand identity for an experimental type foundry for original typefaces.


A mobile app and identity that demystifies the coffee production process and reveals the real human cost found in the industry.

This is Your Computer Talking︎

A web-based tutorial for VoiceOver that shows the difficulties that non-sighted users face when using the web and teaches designers how to craft accessible digital experiences.

Cristo Rey

A branding identity refresh of a college preparatory school for the economically disadvantaged.

Tamper Publishing

An independent publishing identity to support the activist community in Richmond, VA.


Recent writing

What I like About Web Design

Accessibility, Web Design, Origins   |   2021

Feeling the Web

Accessibility, UX/UI, Tactile Design   |   2019

Expand the Reservoir

Mindfulness, Creativity, Creative Process   |   2019

Latest on Are.na

About me

When I'm not out hiking in the Appalachian mountains, I feel at my peak when I can deliver a well-considered, well-researched product. Empathy is a cornerstone in both my design approach and my day-to-day life.

In my work, I use my passion for the semantic web, obsession with the user experience, and ability to see the big picture to craft beautiful and meaningful design systems and experiences.