Foundry Identity, Type Design
An independent type foundry for type design drawn from objects, environments and natural phenomena.
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Rivet is a modular sans serif inspired by the unique structure of a manhole covering located in downtown Richmond, VA.


Bandsaw is a rectilinear sans serif inspired by industrial machinery. Features at the cap height and baseline resemble the teeth of saw blades.


Modal is a monospace sans serif inspired by pull-tabs found on food packaging. Each letterform utilizes a single, non-intersecting stroke within a 4x4 grid.


Enfant, a geometric sans serif, is based on the structure of the RapiDesign isometric ellipse stencil no. 123.


Widescreen is a modular sans serif inspired by the vernacular of digital screens; each letterform uses a ratio of 16:9.


The Exhibition

“Cake Walk”
205 E. Broad Street, Richmond, VA
November 1–8, 2019